Security Drill Scenario

Due to increasing power demands on the cities infrastructure, rolling electrical power outages are becoming common. At 2300 during the night shift, the power at the facility goes out. Identify the following:

  • Equipment that will be without power.
  • Means of communication prescribed in the FSP and alternate approved methods of communication.
  • Procedures for power outage including proper notifications.

After you have successfully identified the above, practice the following:

  • Increasing patrols if needed and required in the FSP.
  • Switching to alternate methods of communication.
  • Increase security presence and/or reduce facility access as prescribed in the FSP.

During an unexpected power outage, most people become flustered and make irrational decisions to keep an operation flowing and avoid downturns in revenue because of a loss of power. Many critical infrastructure items will likely be unavailable and people will want answers quickly. Answer the following questions to improve the facility security plan:

  • Do you have procedures in place for an unexpected power outage and are they up to date? Are they written and available for security guards in an emergency?
  • Did you encounter anything in this drill that would require a change to procedures?
  • Do you have a contact tree in place with accurate methods of communication?
  • Who is the first person you should notify of a power outage?
  • Do you have assigned roles when critical security infrastructure may be inoperable?
  • What happens if the timeline to power restoration is an extended period of time (i.e. days or a week)?
Nick Seferos

Nick Seferos

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