MTSA Drill Scenario

A delivery driver checks in at security and informs the security guard that they are dropping off stores for a vessel that does not routinely use that facility. The driver just received their TWIC, has never visited a marine facility before, and is unsure of the procedures surrounding the handling of vessel stores. The driver pulls off to the side of the closest building and begins to unload their truck. The vessel stores are unloaded out of sight from security. The vessel stores are labeled with the vessel name and have a tamper-resistant tape from a well-known vessel stores company. The driver then leaves the facility without checking out with security.
Identify the following:

  • Is there a security risk present by having these vessel stores on the facility?
  • Procedures for accepting vessel stores.
  • Procedures for checking vessel stores for package integrity.
  • Procedures for preventing vessel stores from being accepted without inspection.
  • Procedures to deter tampering.
  • Procedures for vessels that routinely use the facility.
  • Procedures for checking the vessel stores.
  • Notification procedure for vessel store irregularity.

In an event where vessel stores for an irregular vessel arrive or a new delivery driver is visiting the facility, procedures may not be recently practiced. Answer the following questions to help improve the facility security plan:

  • Do you have procedures in place for handling and receiving vessel stores? Are they written and available for relevant security guards to reference?
  • Did you encounter anything in this drill that would require a change to procedures?
  • Do you have a contact tree in place with accurate methods of communication?
  • Who is the first person you should notify in the event of irregular vessel stores delivery?
  • Do you have assigned roles for the handling of vessel stores?
  • Do you have standing arrangements with vessels that utilize the facility frequently?
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